• At Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono, we believe that quality veterinary care should be about meeting the specific needs of each individual patient. That means warm blankets, gentle touches, toys and treats to make our patients feel at ease. It also means accommodating our clients’ busy schedules and forming partnerships with the shared goal of helping their animal family members enjoy amazing lives.

    Our Monroe County clinic is a place where you can expect to be greeted with open arms, smiles and personal attention. Combining traditional and holistic medicine, and incorporating the highest level of compassion, we’re changing the way vet care is delivered, one appointment at a time. Won’t you join us?


    Fido’s First Year – Puppy Care Tips

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    Guidelines for Good Guinea Pig Care

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    Stop Your Cat’s Furniture-Shredding Habit

    Your orange tabby Milo has mischief down to a science. Since your four-year-old feline companion was a kitten, his rambunctious antics have repeatedly gotten him into trouble. When he climbed … Read More »

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