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Spoil Your Pet Bird With Excellent Care
June 1, 2015

Your brand-new parrotlet Kiki has just gotten a taste of the good life. This morning, you adopted this spunky girl through an avian rescue group. She immediately explored her comfy new digs, and then spent considerable time getting acquainted with your family. Next, she’ll visit your Mt. Pocono, PA veterinary clinic for a new patient exam. The vet will also provide your colorful companion with a tasty, nutritious diet.

Roomy, Well-Appointed Habitat

Kiki deserves a spacious enclosure that measures almost three times her wingspan’s width and depth. Don’t be surprised if she gnaws incessantly on the cage bars and latch. Keep an eye on these components, and replace the entire cage before your resourceful avian friend finds a way to escape.

Clean her cage often, as squeaky-clean living quarters help her to stay healthy. Provide her with fresh, clean water at least twice daily. To exercise your bird’s clever mind, purchase several colorful, appealing toys. Buy one or more treat puzzles that make her expend some effort for her treasured snacks. Rotate her toys regularly so she doesn’t become bored.

Species-Designed Menu

Nourish your hungry girl with a tasty, species-appropriate diet. Although she physically resembles her cockatiel and macaw cousins, her dietary requirements aren’t the same; and she dines on different foods. If she regularly consumed ingredients designed for other birds, she could experience health problems.

Although an all-seed diet seems like a reasonable choice, your bird’s specially formulated nutritional pellets are a better option. This professionally created blend should make up almost 80 percent of her daily calorie consumption.

If the vet approves, mix in small pieces of fresh veggies and/or fruits. Don’t ever feed her – or any other bird – extremely toxic foods such as garlic, onions, rice, pasta, or chocolate.

Family Group Interactions

Your family now comprises Kiki’s new social circle. Provide her with a warm welcome by placing her enclosure in a central indoor location. This allows her to happily observe, and comment on, everyone’s daily activities. For more interaction, watch your colorful companion bathe and preen her feathers. To strengthen her family bond, ask the vet to recommend appropriate training tasks.

Your Mt. Pocono, PA veterinary clinic will give Kiki regular checkups. The vet will also address developing medical issues. To provide top-notch care for your beautiful pet bird, contact us for an appointment.