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We’ve got the scoop on how to help your pet enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.

As loving pet parents, we want our animal companions to live for as many years as possible. At Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono, we believe the best way to ensure this happens is by making a commitment to their ongoing wellness. By scheduling regular checkups, you’ll help protect your furry, feathered or scaly friend from many common ailments. You’ll also give us the opportunity to identify and address potential health problems early, before they have an opportunity to develop and worsen. These simple things can add years to your loved one’s life.

An Ounce of Prevention

Our wellness services are comprehensive and extremely thorough, because we want to do everything we can to keep your pet healthy. At each visit, the doctor will conduct a nose to tail exam, looking for anything out of the ordinary. We will also develop and implement a customized preventative care plan tailored to your best friend’s unique needs, lifestyle and risk factors. This will include vaccines, parasite control, nutrition and weight management and anything else we deem relevant. We deliver all of this while maintaining a pleasant, low stress environment for your pet.

Ongoing Health Management

Wellness visits also provide us with regular snapshots of your animal companion’s health status at each appointment. We can then compare this information against previous exams to pinpoint any changes. This allows us to detect the signs of illness early and develop an effective treatment plan in a timely manner. With many ailments, an early diagnosis can dramatically improve the chances of a positive outcome. The more we stay on top of these things, the better we’ll be able to extend and improve the quality of your companion’s life.

Getting to Know You

Finally, annual visits give all of us at Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono the opportunity to truly get to know you and your pet. Developing a relationship with you and forging a bond with your animal friend is an integral part of the care we provide. This allows us to partner with you in managing your loved one’s health, and also makes visits to the vet more positive experiences. The more we understand your companion’s needs, the more precise and effective a health care plan we can develop.

You want to see that special little guy or gal enjoy many wonderful years. We’d love to help you achieve that goal. Call us or text us at 570-839-8116 today and let’s get started!

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