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The Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono is on the lookout for bright talent. If you are a happy, sharp and dedicated with a passion for animals and knack for both exceptional customer service and supporting your team, send us your resume. A member of our team will be in touch!

Veterinary Technician Opportunity:

  • Are you an experienced Veterinary Technician with strong technical skills and a very high standards?
  • Do you pride yourself on excellent customer service skills and an “above and beyond” attitude?
  • Are you a genuinely happy person who enjoys working with others to help care for pets and their owners?

The Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono is currently looking for a full-time or part-time Veterinary Technician to join our incredible team!

Qualified candidates will excel in:

  • Restraint of both dogs and cats
  • Placing IV catheters
  • Drawing blood, taking radiographs, gathering patient histories
  • Surgery prep and monitoring
  • TPR’s, dosing and administering medication, giving injections
  • Providing thorough client education
  • Anesthesia management, patient support
  • Good working knowledge of or a strong desire to acquire advanced skills in dentistry
  • Managing and training other team members
  • Desire for professional and personal growth

Our practice prioritizes the health and safety of our team members, clients, and patients. Our immaculate facility has state-of-the art equipment in a friendly environment. We do whatever it takes to ensure the best possible experience for pets and pet parents.

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Staff Testimonials

“I joined the team at the Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono in August of 2021. I had some big shoes to fill as the technician before me was moving out of state. The individual training that I received to get me fully involved in all the tasks she was responsible for was efficient and thoughtful, it also required me to grow not only as a technician but as a better version of myself.

The training that was also provided to me by Dr. Valese, taking his time during his busy schedule of client interactions and patient care, was very helpful to understand my role as a technician and to grow into a leader. The patience & knowledge to grow his team is felt because he truly cares about the growth of each individual. My relationship with Dr. Valese has grown as we have worked closely as a team to make each day move smoothly & laugh at the little things; that is what can make a career at the Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono is so rewarding.

Not to forget the quality of patient care for each client and pet that we have and also the team that becomes your work family. I have always felt in practices that I have worked in previously that I wanted more out of it, more than just technician duties; that is what the Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono has done for me. I am evolving as a technician but also as a leader which is developing me into a better person.”

Kali – CVT

“I came into this job with no background in the veterinary field. Dr. Valese and my team took the time to train and teach me in a way I’ve never experienced before. A lot of places claim to be a family and to care for each other, but this is genuine. I never had a team that truly cared about my growth and learning, and I’m happy to say I’ve just celebrated my first year of being a part of that team!

I’ve been offered endless opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’ve truly learned so much in the past year and was supported the whole way through my training. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me as a member of this team. Dr. Valese has not only taught me about the field but also how to be an advocate for pets and their owners. I’m so happy I took a chance at a new job field because I’ve finally found a career that makes me excited to get up and go to work everyday. I feel very lucky to be a part of our team and to help the pets and pet parents of our area and beyond!”

Hope – Receptionist

“I have been working at the Animal Hospital of Mount Pocono and All Pets Dental Care since late August of 2023. I came into this job with no past veterinary experience, just a desire to learn and help animals. Dr. Valese and the team at the Animal Hospital of Mount Pocono welcomed me with open arms and not only have already taught me so much in my short time of working at the facility but it has truly been the best job I’ve ever had. I’ve never felt so supported and encouraged in a work environment. This place and team truly feels like family. 

Not to mention the level of pet care. Dr. Valese and the team have made it their mission to prioritize client satisfaction and patient care. From the facility to the client’s home we help every step of the way and routinely check in with our patients and clients to make sure each pet is doing okay. I wouldn’t trust my pet with anyone else but this team. When you walk through those doors you know that they’ve got your pet’s best interest at heart. I couldn’t ask for a better team to come to work to every day.”

Brittany – Vet Receptionist/CSR

“My time at the Animal Hospital of Mt Pocono and All Pets Dental Care was unfortunately cut short, due to my moving out of the area, but I will never regret or forget my experiences there. I got to work on a great team of even greater people, and I go to work closely with a caring, knowledgeable, and experienced veterinarian, Dr. Valese. It’s obvious that he cares for each and every pet that walks in the door, but also cares for each pet’s owner as well as every individual on the team. This is absolutely a great start for anyone that loves animals and wants to work in veterinary medicine. There is always something new to learn and each team member is ready to help in any way possible.

The Animal Hospital of Mt Pocono is one of the cleanest facilities I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. Everything is neat, tidy, and has its own place. If you love organizing and cleaning in addition to handling pets and various other tasks, this is the place for you. Everyone is eager to help one another and really step up to the plate. Not once did I feel like I didn’t belong, even on day one! Soon enough your team members will turn into family, and will feel like a second home.”

Kayla – Caretaker / Assistant

“I have worked a lot of jobs that have made a lot of promises, from raises, to insurances, to continuing your education. They would brag about how their team feels like a family. Usually, it all turned out to be lies that were used to lure me in, and either my bosses strung me along with promises that it would come soon or would say I didn’t meet incredibly specific requirements. The “family” their team felt like was a toxic one nobody would want to be a part of.

Here, at the Animal Hospital of Mount Pocono, it’s completely different. It truly feels like family here, where if somebody has something come up and can’t make it, the rest of us rally together to make up for it and still provide amazing service. We encourage each other to learn, grow, and get better at not only our own posts but to learn about what other team members do to deepen our understanding of their job. Part of the process of joining this team is making sure that you’ll be a right fit here, and everybody has been so incredibly welcoming.

If that weren’t enough, so far, in my time working here, every single one of the promises that were made prior to my joining the team, have either been kept with me personally or kept with a senior team member so I know it will be kept with me. My managers encourage me to continue my education at home, providing access to a number of different ways to learn about so many different topics. They’ve given performance based raises without me having to ask or even think if I was due for one, and they’ve rewarded all of our hard work and efforts with monthly bonuses consistently.

These are the best bosses that I’ve ever had and I try my best every day to make sure that I give my all for them, because so far they’re giving their all for me.”

Joshua – Receptionist / CSR

“I have worked as a Veterinary Assistant at the Animal Hospital of Mt Pocono for over 6 months. My background was in retail pharmacy and had no practical experience in the field of Veterinary Medicine. It has been a big dream of mine to work in Veterinary Medicine so the position was perfect for me. They have taught me so much in these past months it is amazing.

There’s so much support from the entire team. The feeling here is welcoming and inclusive. Dr. Valese and everyone constantly recognizes and praise me for my hard work and accomplishments. They continue to guide me to achieve my goals, praise for a job well done which happens frequently and is not something I had experienced in other businesses I have worked for. All I have to do is study and work hard and for this I am rewarded. The entire team here works so well together. There is plenty for us all to do and everyone pulls their own weight, but if ever I need help, everyone else is very caring and will help out any way they can.

Dr. Valese provides so much opportunity for all of us to grow in our knowledge of the Veterinary field. As I said one of my dreams was to work in the Veterinary field and I maybe someday ready to become a Veterinarian. Over time my life’s plans did not go as I had wanted until I started working here. Dr. Valese has given me a wonderful chance at pursuing my dreams!”

Marina – Veterinary Assistant

“At most jobs work is usually just one thing… work, but here, at animal hospital of Mount Pocono, it is much more. It has shown me a newfound passion of mine and is an amazing learning experience. Everyday here is a new start, you never have the same day twice, so it keeps you one your feet!

Since the start, every staff member welcomes you with open arms and is ready to help you every step of the way in the form that best helps you learn. Dr. Valese, who has run the business for years, has so much knowledge and into the field it is incredible to hear so much. Along with this he truly sets you up for a bright future ahead, learning basic life skills to great comprehension of field work.

There are so many benefits to this job, never been happier!”

Tiffany – Caretaker

“I have been at the Animal Hospital of Mt Pocono for over 14 years now. I am a Rockstar Receptionist!!! We have a very busy office here. I enjoy working with the small team we have, they feel like family. We are always pushed to improve and hone our skills to make us even better at our post. I have opportunities to learn new skills and improve my skills on a daily basis.

We have a wonderful community of people where our office is located and I enjoy being able to assist them with their fur baby in whatever way I can.

I enjoy the vibe of my team here, makes it a great place to work. Our goal is to help pet owners in our community with their pets to live a happy and long life, educate them on how to help them provide that for their pet. I feel accomplished each day when I leave the office, with the great service I provide our clients. I always have opportunity here to grow in my personal and professional life.

Would always love to see more Rockstar people join our team.”

Kelly- Receptionist / CSR

“I enjoy working at AHMP, specifically, for several reasons. We all get along and help each other out. You can always count on your coworkers, including Dr. Valese, to lend an extra hand wherever needed. If I’m tied up and am unable to perform some technical duties, Dr. Valese is there to help.

We are always learning new things and keeping up to date at AHMP. Dr. Valese is a big proponent of training/CE. The staff reads articles, reviews veterinary products and will report on them. Sometimes I’ll have a one on one with Dr. Valese and he will teach me something new.

To me, one of the most important aspects of veterinary medicine is patient care, and Dr. Valese does truly care. It’s evident in his actions and words. I believe he stands out from other veterinarians in this way. In almost 25 years of me working in this field, I’ve found Dr. Valese to be much more kind and thoughtful to animals than other doctors. Dr. Valese always takes patients stress levels into account before and after dealing with them. We are a Fear Free practice. In the past I always felt like I was the only person to care about stress in the patients until I came to work for AHMP.”

Mark – Veterinary Technician

“Before coming to the Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono I had worked as a shift manager at a larger incorporated veterinary practice where one can easily get lost in the larger scheme of employees and where your personal growth can be neglected. Here at the Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono, you are more than just another employee, and you are given the tools and opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge as well as explore your interests in veterinary medicine. Dr. Valese will always provide you with learning opportunities and will not hesitate to show you something new and ensure you are getting it; all you need to do is ask.

Additionally, everyone here truly cares about one another, and we always rally behind one another and to ensure we are not just physically ok, but mentally. If you have something going on, there is no shame to share it with the group, and the group as well as Dr. Valese will make the necessary adjustments with your schedule to help get you back on your feet. I personally had a mental slip with depression and not only did Dr. Valese encourage me to get back on my feet, but so did the rest of the staff and for that, I will always be truly grateful.

Being at the Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono is more than just a job and it’s more than people loving animals; it’s a place where you can find educational opportunities in veterinary medicine, where you can grow not only as an employee but as an individual, and a place where everyone truly cares for each other and their well-being. The Animal Hospital of Mt. Pocono is home.”

Olivia Mercado-Hannon

“Working for Dr. Valese was one of the best experiences in my life. I not only gained knowledge and guidance but also I was surrounded by the most wonderful people. I became a better version of myself and I was able to be part of something good. Dr. Valese and the team always made me feel part of the family, I knew I could always count on everyone’s support, advice and understanding.

When it comes to veterinary services Dr. Valese was the first vet that I truly trusted with my pets. I finally understood every detail and aspect of caring about animals and believe me, I saw it all from the backstage where usually pet parents are not allowed.

Dr. V. has years of experience and he is one of a kind in all pet care, dental care, laser therapy, and acupuncture. He is an amazing teacher, mentor and boss. He always makes sure that the entire team educates themselves on a daily basis, not only as animal hospital staff but also learning how to find ways of self-improvement.

I was really heartbroken when I had to move to a different state and leave them all behind, but I will always have a special place in my heart for everyone.”

Agnieszka – Caretaker / Assistant