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Guidelines for Good Guinea Pig Care
August 1, 2015

Your brand-new guinea pig Gerry will be quite a pampered rodent. Yesterday, you adopted this appealing guy from your town’s animal shelter. Because you’re new to guinea pig ownership, you first performed considerable research into his habitat and care requirements. You also obtained valuable pet care advice, plus diet recommendations, during this morning’s new patient exam. Your Mt. Pocono, PA pet clinic was happy to give Gerry the healthy start he deserves.

Living Environment

Situate Gerry’s enclosure in a peaceful indoor setting with limited traffic and noise. Choose a room with consistent 65 to 79 degree temperatures. Avoid placing his cage in direct sunlight. His fur-covered body can’t tolerate heat and humidity, and he could easily develop heat stroke. Finally, spice up Gerry’s solitude with regular visits from your family.

Well-Appointed Habitat

Give Gerry room to roam in his spacious wire, metal, or sturdy plastic enclosure. Provide excellent ventilation, but don’t bother covering the top. Guinea pigs aren’t known for their jailbreak attempts. By using a solid floor, you’ll decrease the risk of leg and foot injuries. Your poop cleanup duties will also go more smoothly. Each day, provide Gerry with squeaky-clean new bedding made from recycled paper litter or shredded newspaper.

Tasty, Nutritious Diet

Your vet will likely prescribe a quality guinea pig pellet formula for Gerry. Ask about adding leafy greens and other selected vegetables. Because guinea pigs often rebel against sudden diet changes, rotate his vet-approved veggies so he readily accepts something new. Inquire about vitamin supplements, too.

Provide your thirsty rodent with abundant fresh water daily. By attaching a sipper water bottle to his enclosure, he can’t contaminate the water with feces and/or bedding.

Varied Exercise Program

Keep Gerry from becoming a chubby couch potato. Avoid harmful obesity by encouraging him to exercise daily. Stock his cage with quality workout equipment; and provide a separate enclosed play zone where you can share in his fun. Before turning him loose, remove chewable wires, outlets, and baseboards. A wood, linoleum, or tile floor makes your cleanup work easier.

Provide Gerry with yearly physical checkups at your Mt. Pocono, PA pet clinic. The vet will likely perform fecal tests and blood work; and he’ll examine your rodent for dental disease. He’ll also address emerging medical issues. To provide your guinea pig with top-notch care, contact us for an appointment.