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Meet the Golden Retriever
February 1, 2021

Golden Retrie ver fans, take note. Golden Retriever Day is February 3rd! The Golden Retriever is definitely one of the world’s favorite pups. In fact, this adorable pup is currently the number 3 top dog, out of 197 breeds, which is pretty impressive. A local vet goes over a few facts about these ‘pawesome’ pooches below.


Friendly, loyal, smart, and absolutely adorable, Goldens are revered for being super lovable and easy to please. Honestly, you just couldn’t ask for a better dog, or a cuter one. These pooches are playful and active, and just love to run and frolic. 

Given the fact that they were specifically bred to retrieve waterfowl, it’s not a surprise to find that these pooches love water. If you don’t have easy access to a pet-friendly swimming area, get Fido a kiddie pool to splash around in. Aside from swimming, Fido’s favorite pastimes include playing Fetch, going on walks and car rides, and collecting belly rubs.


The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized dog. These pooches have long fur, which can range from yellow to gold to red. The Retriever’s average height and weight tops off at about 23 inches and 65 pounds for females, and 24 inches and 75 pounds for males. Another thing of note about these pooches? Their natural happiness is so charming that it’s even been noted in the breed standards: their tails are often described as moving with a ‘merry fashion.’ There are actually three different types of Goldens: British, American, and Canadian. They’re all adorable! 

G  olden Retrievers are often confused with Yellow Labrador Retrievers, another highly popular breed The main difference? The Yellow Lab has shorter fur. 


Like other sporting dogs, Golden Retrievers tend to be very active. Fido will need lots of walks and playtime. These pooches also make great jogging companions for runners. However, we do advise getting the thumbs-up from your vet before taking your pup out for a run. Goldens are excellent at doggy sports, such as agility. They are also great in obedience and tracking.


Goldens have beautiful fur. These thoughtful pups are very generous about trying to share it with their humans. Fido will shed his coat continuously throughout the year. If you don’t want to find fur everywhere, you’ll need to brush your canine buddy regularly. The good news is that your pooch will only need occasional baths. Regular nail trims are a definite must, however, as is good dental care.

Do you have questions about caring for a Golden Retreiver? Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance.